Etymology of words, defintions & pronunciations on the iPhone

EtymApp is a comprehensive etymology and word reference application for the iPhone. EtymApp will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about absolutely any word in the English language.

Simply type the word into EtymApp and you’ll have definitions from a variety of recognised sources, wide and varied etymology explanations, a range of citations and a plethora of statistics about the use of your chosen word.

This etymology iPhone app will also keep you on your toes with the "Word of the Day" feature. And if you’re looking for more, there’s also a random word generator.

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EtymApp Testimonials

Testimonials for the EtymApp iPhone application will appear here once the app has been approved by Apple and reviewed by the many lovers of the English language.

In the meantime, we really appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have for EtymApp. You can share your thoughts with us via the contact form.

EtymApp Coming to Android Soon

EtymApp - the etyomoly phone application - coming to Android Following a good uptake of EtymApp on the iPhone, we're now developing an Andriod version of the same app - meaning even more people can enjoy the etymology of words through their fingertips.

If you own an Android handset, keep your eyes peeled here on the EtymApp site and we'll announce when the app is available for you to download from the Android Marketplace.

What Does EtymApp Offer?

Etymology of Words

Etymology is the speciality of the EtymApp. Get the most detailed etymology explanations on words from the English language from a wide variety of sources.

Word Definitions

The instant results returned by EtymApp will include a number of definitions from renowned sources to cover all potential meanings of your word.

Word Statistics

EtymApp will report on how frequently your word has been used year-on-year. The app will also show you how frequently your word is used alongside common punctuation.

Pronunciation, Citations & Examples

As if all of that wasn't enough, EtymApp will also provide you with citations, examples of your word used in a varierty of contexts and details on the correct pronunciation.